Microsoft Edge Has Strong Words For Google Chrome In Predatory Pop-Ups

Microsoft edge logo, with speech bubble saying "You're so 2008."

Wouldn’t it be jarring if you were browsing this very website and a small pop-up appeared from or ZDNet? Let’s imagine that pop-up proclaimed that a superior version of this article exists on their website? That’s the feeling that washes over me when seeing Microsoft’s shameless promotion of its Edge browser when people use […]

Yes, I Replaced My $4000 Gaming PC With An Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X photographed by Jason Evangelho

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. I ended that Xbox versus PC article by throwing a couple giant question marks into the air. Those weren’t meant as cliffhangers. To briefly catch you up, I pondered if having an Xbox Series X could save me valuable time in the long run. I was curious whether […]