Yes, I Replaced My $4000 Gaming PC With An Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X photographed by Jason Evangelho

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. I ended that Xbox versus PC article by throwing a couple giant question marks into the air. Those weren’t meant as cliffhangers. To briefly catch you up, I pondered if having an Xbox Series X could save me valuable time in the long run. I was curious whether […]

Fedora Eyes Partnerships To Make Streaming Better For Linux Users

Fedora logo with microphone and shockmount

The ripple effect of LTT’s Linux Gaming Challenge continues to bring awareness and positive change to the Linux ecosystem. Last month we saw System76 and KDE take steps to prevent the accidental removal of their respective desktop environments. This week saw the GUI release of beginner-friendly app Gamebuntu from wunderkind developer Rudra Saraswat. Now the […]