Download 20 Stunning Steam Deck Logo Desktop Wallpapers

Valve made some notable changes to Steam Deck’s “Desktop Mode” (aka SteamOS 3.0 proper) last week, particularly in the visual department. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Desktop Mode as I prepare to use the system as my main PC for 30 days, and I noticed that in addition to a slick Steam Deck logo replacing the standard KDE Plasma one in the App Launcher area (the “Start Menu” for Windows users in the house), Valve has added a bunch of gorgeous desktop backgrounds inspired by the Steam Deck logo.

Bonus points: they’re all in 4K resolution! I’ve zipped them up as well as a few fan-made ones based on the infamous x-ray and put them right here.

You can easily get to Desktop Mode by holding the power button until a menu appears in the center of your screen. Then select “Switch to Desktop” and once you’re there, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper.”

I also made a short video that includes every Steam Deck logo wallpaper. You can watch it below.

It’s difficult to estimate how many Steam Deck users will actually use the device in Desktop Mode, but what has many of us excited is the upcoming release of SteamOS 3.0. This public release of Valve’s custom Linux distribution can effectively transform any of your PCs into a Steam Deck, at least with regards to appearance and certain functionality like Gamescope, the compositor that includes a bunch of useful features like frame limiting and AMD FSR.

Valve hasn’t given a specific date for SteamOS 3.0, only saying that it will release sometime after the Steam Deck launch. Valve did, however, release a Steam Deck Recovery Image that can be used to reformat the console in the event that users can’t get back to the “Factory Reset” button. (I can picture this happening as a result of trailing other Linux distributions, or dual-booting the Deck with Windows).

No doubt the technically savvy Linux detectives over at /r/SteamOS are cracking that open to see what Valve might have in store for the wider Linux community when SteamOS 3.0 finally sees the light of day.

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