[UPDATED] The CS:GO Problem | Does Valve REALLY Care About Linux Gaming?

Why? Valve, why?

As of December 14, everything is supposed to work on the latest update! If it does not for you, make sure your game and OS are fully updated. I also had to use this workaround to fix a dependency issue on Ubuntu 21.10.

Valve is known for its dedication to Linux, which largely contributed to making gaming on Linux an easy and straightforward thing to do. Obviously, Valve doesn’t contribute to the ecosystem out of pure kindness. However, the fact that it does contribute is widely embraced by the community. Hey, we go into hype mode with every Steam Deck announcement (we covered the latest one)! But as a recent problem with CS:GO shows, even a giant like Valve makes a misstep once in a while.

Never push to production on Friday, or you will also have to work weekends.”

Age-old advice I keep hearing

Well, that sage advice is precisely what Valve ignored. Last Friday, on 10 December, they released a minor update to its popular first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which seemingly broke the game for everyone playing on macOS and Linux.

The game was simply not launching at all, or showing a black screen and then crashing! An issue on GitHub was created by a kind player, and the “fix” update was released the same day. Unfortunately, it resulted in hilarious graphical glitches.

Here are some examples taken from the GitHub issue and my own recordings:

And while it looks funny, it also makes the game completely unplayable, especially with certain weapons. (As just one example, players have called out that you can clearly see the glitched character models peeking out of corners due to their bizarrely elongated limbs.)

Was CS:GO Even Tested On Linux?

The fact that Valve released an update breaking the game on Linux, and then patched it up with these results suggests that developers or QA staff at Valve may not even test on Linux before user reports pile up. This is quite sad to see, considering the reputation they have for being the “savior” of Linux gaming.

It could be an accidental misstep; at least I hope it was.

Valve is aware of the latest issue and is working on a fix… for the fix.

Maybe it really is time for Ubisoft to enable Easy Anti-Cheat support for proton in their shooter Rainbow Six Siege

EDITOR’S NOTE FROM JASON: I’m one of Valve’s biggest cheerleaders and have been covering and promoting Proton since its inception. But if Valve is going to ask other developers to test their games against Proton for Steam Deck, the company should be thoroughly testing its own games on Linux.

UPDATE FROM VEGA: As of right now the game doesn’t appear to be launching at all, again.

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6 Responses

  1. I played about 2 weeks ago and haven’t updated to the latest version yet. Maybe I should wait for another patch lol

  2. I enjoy your articles Jason but to be honest I find this article harsh and unfair as I programmer myself I know that mistakes sometimes get made. It could be as simple as a QA person being sick. Valve has done far more to help Linux then many companies and are currently causing growth with the desktop due to much better Proton support. The fact that Valve has started working on fix tells me they are on the right track.

    1. Hey Captain, thanks for sharing your opinion on this.
      I do want to point out that I’m not the author of this article.

    2. Hello there! Glad you’re providing input.

      I feel like for a corporate like Valve it’s plain unprofessional to release a game breaking patch on Friday. A build not launching at all just cannot pass any automated checks at all, and the fact that this was released to public shows at least one of these are the case:
      1) There was no QA done for anything but Windows, despite “supporting” other platforms too.
      2) There are no automated QA checks.
      And both are pretty bad, especially for one of the most popular games on steam.
      I would like to believe it was some bad decision making on the executive wing rather than developer incompetence, but my beliefs don’t change the fact that the game is broken for absolutely everyone.

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